Friday, October 2, 2009

Highlights , Deadlines for week 13

Hey there and a pleasant morning to you all ,

     As usual, I will be using this opportunity to highlight some of our workloads and stuffs we are to settle for the coming week. In addition, as attached with this e-mail is pictures from the laminates of our practical yesterday. I hope they will come in handy when you are doing your report.

     First and foremost, on Monday (5th October), we will be having our PBL 2 session on our Haematology II Trigger 2. So be prepared and give your best because it is our 2nd last PBL of the semester. Next, it would be regarding our Renal System Practical 4 (Urinalysis). Hehe... Once again, we are required to COLLECT OUR OWN URINE SAMPLE ! Yes ! I'm not joking and it was Miss Lai Yong who told me yesterday during our practical. So people... you know the drills. Go to MDL 7 again and collect the sterile container. P.S. Please drink more water... Not just for the sake of the practical but also your health since we are at the twilight of the semester.

      Next, on Thursday (8th October) I managed to arrange a class with Dr. Jai Mohan on this day. Venue is yet to be confirmed but the time will be 11.45am to 12.45pm. He was very eager to highlight and summarize what we had been covering for the past three in our HIS workshop back then.

      Finally, on Friday (9th October) we will be having our anticipated Bioinformatics CAL test. This test is an open-book test and it will be covering whatever we had learnt and practiced in the CAL and Practical sessions. So stay sharp and polish our web surfing skills on bioinformatics prior to this. Don't forget to submit our RENAL SYSTEM P3 on this day too.

Well, that's all for now folks... Stay sharp and focus for the coming weeks ahead. Thank you.

Sincerely Yours,

Sam Tj Haw

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Highlights , Deadlines for week 12

Hey there and good day to you all people,

   First and foremost, I would like to wish you all Happy Holiday and Selamat Hari Raya !  Hope you all would had a splendid and great time with your love ones and friends during this short break. Please get all the rest you all deserved yah...

   Now... as for our workload for Week 12, we have two practicals to submit after Raya; namely Microbiology P12 (Membrane Filtration) and Renal P2 (Abnormal Urine Content). Both of the deadlines are on Monday (28th September). For the Microbiology P12, we don't have to write Introduction and procedures but I just confirmed with Dr. Jothy that she wants us to include introduction and procedures in our Renal P2 

   Next, it is the day and week we were looking forward to since the start of the Semester 3; Week 12 to Week 14. Our schedules are extremely light weight but we have three major class test to content with. The first would be our Natural Products (BBS2237) class test on Monday (28th September) after our Raya break ! Yes... (I'm a holiday spoiler isn't it... hehe...) So all the best and best of luck in your preparations for these class tests. Take your time and of course, STUDY SMART...

   That's all for now people... For your information, I would not be around from Monday morning till Wednesday afternoon because I will be on vacation with my family . So if you got anything, feel free to leave an e-mail for me or simply text me a sms. Once again, HAPPY HOLIDAYS ! Take care...

Sincerely yours,

Sam Tj Haw.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya to BM108 !!!

Oh my gosh! Finally a one-week break starts after we end our "renal analysis" practical ! 

I believe most of you are yearning for this 1 week break to rest, enjoy life for a while and also to study "Natural Products" for the coming test after we return IMU....sigh~~ TEST....more to come I guess. =.=
Hope u guys can enjoy yourselves and may all of u have a great resting, studying as well as doing those dreadful assignments.

IMU BM108 Wishes all of You

May all of you get tons of rest, time to study and also duit raya ....LOL!!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Venue change for Renal Practical 18th September 2009

I got no idea what to do with this blog cuz it's dead and lifeless....Anyway, perhaps we can put some announcements...So that people who coincidentally bumped on the blog can get to know that lastest information...

Please Take Note of the Change In Venue for our Renal System Practical 2 

Dear All,

Please be informed on the following changes:

Date: 18/9/09 @2.45 - 5.45pm 
Renal Practical 2 - Urinalysis 
venue: MDL 1, level 3. 

To Dr Sufyan, can I get Tan Boon Hooi contact details so that I can informed 
him on the changes.

Thank you.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Highlights , Deadlines for week 11

Hey there and good morning everyone,
Here are the announcements and deadlines we all should take note off for Week 11.
First, on Monday (14th September) there will be a talk on Voting Rights organized by the government and it is compulsory for each batch to send 10 people to attend. Any volunteers? The talk will be held at LT 3 at 12.30 noon. Dr. Arjun's Natural Products was forwarded to last week and there will not be a review again but I will try to ask Dr. Chye to forward her lecture to this slot so that we could leave earlier instead of 6.15pm.
Next, on Tuesday (15th September) as far as we are concern, the National Blood Centre Visit is still ON until prior notice from AAD. So please bring your lab coat and name tag as well as writing utensil as we shall be having a lecture there. Gather at the atrium at 8.00 am SHARP ! Don't forget to submit our practical reports on Microbiology P11 (Sterilization) after our trip too !
On Thursday (17th September), we shall have our Haematology II workshop as we all know. So please be prepared as Dr. Vijay Singh will be there. I will also try to reschedule our class with Dr. Arun on Histo & Cyto 1: Fine Needle Aspiration to perhaps one of the free slots on Wednesday morning. We are damn free on Wednesday.
Finally, our Microbiology AIR and practical report on Management and Experimentation On Animals (MEAn) deadlines are on Friday (18th September).
That's all for now ladies and gentlemen.
Take care and have a nice day.
Sincerely Yours,
Sam Tj Haw

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Semester 3....half way through

I'm wondering whether someone would read this.....

So people, how's semester 3 ?? For me, the whole semester is as ugly as a drag queen...LOL

Well.... half of semester 3 had gone...time flies faster than Boeing 747 , faster than Airbus A380...

So far what do u guys think of Semester 3? Semester 3 is terrible isn't it? everyday we have to rush through reports , go for practicals, look for PBLS , submits AIRS on time, wake early in the morning to go for some "interesting" but really important lectures and the process continues the next day and the day after...It's so packed that seeing one another among the coursemates would make u scream like crazy...


Looks like the tempo's getting faster and faster and Our reports and minds are full of fungi, bacteria, antibiotics , tests, and last but not least STOOLS...

Things are getting more and more packed...Oh come on, WE NEED SOME SPACE TO BREATHE!!!!

Without realising it, it's already been a year being in IMU....this dreadful place... Well, anyone of u enjoy it? If u do...then fine.... But perhaps some of us are not enjoying it ... I can see that some of our mates do not have enough sleep, emo in a sudden of got crazy all in a sudden, some ended up having darkened eyes evolving from Homo Sapiens to a Panda....some even sick of going for lectures and prefer taking a break and study on their own....Indeed, different people having different ways of studying...

Well, may u guys do the best and let us go through the hardships together!

IS this post boring? well...I don't think anyone would response anywayz...Juz to come and pay a visit...Might write more in the future..

Friday, July 17, 2009

Malaysia Style

Britons: I'm sorry, sir, but we don't seem to have the sweater you want in your size, but if you give me a moment, I can call the other outlets for you.

Malaysians: No stock.

> Britons: Hello, this is John Smith. Did anyone call for me a few moments ago?

Malaysians: Hello, who call?

Britons: Excuse me, I would like to get by. Would you please make way?

Malaysians: S-kew me.

Britons: Hey! Put your wallet away, this drink is on me.

Malaysians: No need lah.

Britons: Excuse me, but do you think it would be possible for me to enter through this door?

Malaysians: (pointing at the door) Can ah?

Britons: Please make yourself right at home.

Malaysians: No need shy shy one lah!

Britons: I don't recall you giving me the money.

Malaysians: Where got?

Britons: I would prefer not to do that, if you don't mind.

Malaysians: Don't want lah.

Britons: Err...Tom, I have to stop you there. I understand where you're coming from, but I really have to disagree with what you said about the> issue.

Malaysians: You mad ah?

Britons: Excuse me, but could you please lower your voice? I'm trying to concentrate over here.

Malaysians: Shut up lah!

Britons: Excuse me, but I noticed you staring at me for sometime. Do I know you?

Malaysians: See what, see what?

Britons: We seem to be in a bit of a predicament at the moment.

Malaysians: Die lah!!

Britons: Will someone tell me what has just happened?

Malaysians: What happened ah? Why like that one lah?

Britons: This isn't the way to do it. Here, let me show you.

Malaysians: Like that also don't know how to do!

Britons: Would you mind not disturbing me?

Malaysians: Cilakak you!

So which would you prefer?

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